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Hello everyone!

I’m supposed to be stopping adding things to the site for a while now, but I just can’t help myself!  A while back we had some games on the site which were in a testing period but performed pretty poorly and had to be removed. This was mainly due to the revenue split with the company who provided the games. Today I’ve introduced a new system, with a leaderboard and prizes to go along with it!

Now it’s a very basic game we’re starting off with, but I can bring far more exciting games to the site. I’m looking at the next week being a test for this system to see if it’s worthwhile keeping. Will people use it? Will users compete for those higher spots? I guess we’ll find out! I’ve just chucked 1000 etn prize pool into the leaderboard, I’m not sure what this will be like revenue wise so we’ll see if it does stay how the prize structure will be work out going forward. Maybe more for prizes, maybe less, who knows.

So basically all you have to do is get the highest score by the end of the week which will be Wednesday the 20th March 2019. There are 10 winning slots on the leaderboard with prizes. It’s your job to clear the sea of mines and the top ten users who clear those mines will win the ETN prizes. One thing to note is that the android app will be coming soon, however, these games will not be playable within the app. They will only be playable on mobile internet browser or desktop. I’ll look into an alternative solution for the app but it is the strict policy of the advertising networks I must follow than causes this issue with the app.

I hope you have fun blowing yourself up, challenging each others scores and winning etn with this new fun method!

Cheers, Chris.

7 thoughts on “Battleship Rivals – New feature”

  1. Hi Royl, basically it’s a high score leaderboard. So every time you play it looks at your score and if it’s higher than your previous best it will update the leaderboard with your new best score. This means that no one can get ahead of anyone else just by playing the game over and accumulating the most score points that are combined. However, there is still a motivation to play the game and try to increase your score to move up the leaderboard for a higher points win or to solidify your position. The minesweeper game is the most basic of the games I have planned and although it’s pretty underwhelming it should serve its purpose to see if this feature will be something people want to use and gauge how revenue is with this feature. I’m thinking of having 3 games a week to play for the leaderboard and win etn. Minesweeper, from what I can see is a game of luck and skill, probably in that order. The next game to come will be completely skill based, followed by a complete luck game. The idea behind this is to give everyone a chance to play, so if you’re not particularly skilled in say a timing gaming, you can still challenge the luck game leaderboard just by playing the game and attempting to get lucky and reach the highest score. I hope that explains a bit more how everything should work with this feature!

    1. Got it and makes perfect sense to me! Thanks for explaining! Another challenge I’m encountering is that on PC (both IE and Chrome) the frame in which the game loads is a bit too small and doesn’t show the ‘flag’ icon with which you can mark locations where you think a mine is located. It works fine on my mobile phone, but then the screen is a little small and I keep unintentionally tap minefields with my fat fingers 😉

      1. Hi Royl, I’ve just checked and I thought I don’t remember there being a flag button on pc. I think I know the problem. On PC you must use a right mouse click to mark the flag. I can see now in mobile there is a button to switch in between as there is no mouse on mobile. If this fixes your problem then brilliant. If not let me know and maybe send a screenshot so I can see what you see. Cheers mate, hope you’re well!

  2. Nice addition Chris!
    Can you explain how the scoring works? Do you have to complete the game to get points, or do you get the total points when you get busted? I don’t find any logic in how my score is being build up on the leader board?

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