Best of the Electroneum community!

In this section of the site you can find all the best projects and figures from around the community. These are the people and projects that we feel deserve a special mention and that every Electronian should know about!


Kicking ass and collecting cryptocurrency! This guy is an important part of my Electroneum journey. It was his energetic, positive and informative video’s and opinions that triggered me to look into Electroneum. Kind of my Electroneum father! If it wasn’t for Shaun, this site simply wouldn’t exist. 

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Mick Ambrose - allabouttech93

I’ve been watching Mick’s channel since his very first Electroneum video! Not only does he work effortlessly to bring everyone the latest news and happenings from around Electroneum, he consistently has a very similar opinion and view on Electroneum! It’s either great minds think alike or we’re both always wrong I guess. The effort he put in to bring us the exclusive interviews with Richard and his constant support of Electroneum are something I respect greatly. Definitely someone you should be watching, because he’s worth it! 

Check out AllAboutTech93 on Youtube!

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Straight from the heart of the Electroneum Universe, Rasta G’s Electroneum Universe Foundations aims to help the adoption of the project and support users from unbanked regions with items such as solar panels and equipment to help make collecting and using Electroneum even easier! My favourites from Electroneum Universe are the paid lottery and the YouTube channel! I’ll have to dip my toes with very soon! A really lovely guy, with goodness at his heart! Don’t miss out on what Electroneum Universe and Rasta G has to offer!

Electroneum Universe on Youtube

Check out the Electroneum Universe Yoututbe Channel!

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Buy real world items for ETN!

Buy real items using ETN at the etnmarketplace - powered by Electroneum Universe

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Find out what the project is all about!

Enjoy a paid Electroneum lottery!

Find out more about the Electroneum Universe foundation
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A project that is very similar to our own project here free etn central. the main driving factor is to help enable people who can’t get Electroneum for whatever reason to start growing their balance! This is an absolutely fantastic project that allows users to earn free Electroneum by being skilled at their Electroneum themed android and ios game. Beautifully designed in every aspect. Fun, challenging and addictive! if you haven’t got the app, what are you waiting for!


Click Here is easily the best Electroneum learning resource I have come across within the community. You can learn all about mining electroneum, spending electroneum, storing electroneum, electroneum exchanges and lots more! There is also ETN merchandise for sale. Apart from being an awesome place to learn, it’s on my favourites list also due to the work that the previous owner Benjaminoo who developed and released the absolutely fantastic and easy to implement Electroneum WooCommerce instant payments plugin. Massive respect for him and the work he completed to make that happen for the project and the community.

Everything you need to know about Electroneum!

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Quorra merch are without a doubt the standout contenders in the ETN merchandise market. A very important project that fulfils one of the main goals of Electroneum, for people to spend ETN! From the slick, clean, website design to the fantastic designs and quality of the merchandise, Quorra merch is definitely the place to go for your ETN swag! I’ve purchased an ETN hat and I wear it constantly, it’s great quality, thick, keeps the head warm in the cold Scottish winter and has struck up quite a few conversations about what the ETN logo on the hat is! That’s not all though, the Quorra tech market offers the same high standard of design, with the ability to buy tech with ETN. Check them both out!

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Electroneum Belgium

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the relentless effort that the Electroneum Belgium Twitter Account puts into spreading the word and encouraging new users to join the Electroneum community! It’s pure dedication and non stop updates over there, with the latest news, inspiring opinion and strong sense of supporting the community! Pop over and follow now, it’s well worth it!