Decision Two it is!

Hi Everyone!

Firstly let me say thank you to you all for the quick response to yesterdays post! I’m touched by the levels of support and gratitude on show by all of you, although it doesn’t come as a surprise as you’re all lovely people as I’ve found out over the past 10 months! 

You know, I was sitting here thinking I have to do something, but i was sitting between those two choices and i was trying to come to a decision which was very hard, because in my mind i’m thinking maybe it’s just time to shut up shop and look at bringing it back in future, but in my heart, silly me, I’m a big softy lol I’m thinking I don’t want it to go. i suppose the two choices were about compromise. Seeing the support for option number two I’m quite happy because i thought, ok, I can make this easy, ask your users what they would prefer. If they’re happy with changing things up a bit, there’s no need to close it down. Obviously i don’t want to pay for hosting and dupe protection if people are just going to be like, nah this is crap now! 

So, like, if i restructure the site say from the start of next month, we can run Two Daily Draws with 100 etn winner in each, so that gives you guys Two chance a day to pop over and try to win like you know a cloud miner payout worth of etn a day. with the left over etn, it will pay for the games prizes split between the top 50. That way, we keep the draws, we keep the games, the prizes are matched to revenue and i make Two payouts a day and I’m done.  that’s going of last months revenue numbers, at the current price of Electroneum and this month revenue is down slightly under where we would have been midway through last month. 

To answer some of the replies that were posted,

 to ETNWIN, I’m happy to have inspired you to create the Electroneum belgium twitter and I know that you work tirelessly to promote Electroneum and crypto in general and I really appreciate the effort that you put in over there for the Electroneum community and helping those Ugandans as you rightly point out, those are very important people.  Keep going, you’re on the right track to benefit greatly from the technological revolution that is blockchain and cryptocurrency! 

To Martnkrp, Mostly everything is automated accept from the payments and there are some other administrative areas that also need to be looked at. It’s more when thing get to busy in other real life area’s that it becomes a problem because say for example last week, I was Ill, I was helping my brother out with stuff, I had a lot of other things that needed attention then I had all the general house work and life stuff to keep on top off and as everyone knows I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Sleep apnea so at times things get pretty difficult in terms of pain and fatigue. I mean i didn’t even get a chance really to even come on the site, that’s when things start to get backed up. it got to the point where I was sending out payments on the go and not having time to even update the log, so just getting the payments out so at least people got their withdrawals. Now this may just be a me thing, but it causes me a lot of stress and worry when people aren’t getting their payments and there all building up and I know when I do get a chance to do them, I can only do like 5 at a time and then wait for anywhere between 45- 2 hours for them all to properly clear before I can send again and during that time I’m moved onto something else and by the time i get back to it it’s maybe been like 4-5 hours and then another 5 and wait etc etc 

But the draws them self are automated, so I always know if i have to be away for anytime, the draws will run, everything will function apart from the payments and i’m totally against automating the payments as this just makes a big weakness in terms of protecting funds held in the wallet etc. 

I’m really glad that you’ve not lost hope in electroneum, please don’t! I haven’t either, i’ll make that clear, the last thing I want is people to think oh, he’s lost faith and he’s a big lover of electroneum. I have my Electroneum away in a safe and It can sit there for as long as it needs! there’s only really one crypto in my heart, Electroneum, although I have many different coins and I’m particularly fond of Decentraland/MANA as i’m a bit of a vr geek and have been looking recently into buying some land, although the cheapest piece is like £508 lol. I also really like the concepts behind Siacoin and IOTA but I didn’t make a mana lotto or a sia lotto or a iota lotto and that’s for a reason! Electroneum team have my heart! So yes, don’t give up hope! it’s very early days! 

To Nik Uk, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head mate, I need to do what needs doing, not what might be good! That means as you say, prizes strictly to revenue and restructure a little. I’m totally with you, I don’t know why no south africans have come for a free top up as seeing etn from the site in real world use would be awesome! 

To cryptomanu, Our first ever user! I honestly welcome your respect and understanding because i think i understand that you understand why option 1 is probably the best answer for me! All you guys clearly understand what it is we’re trying to achieve here, to build that brings value not only in electroneum gains but across the globe and the ecosystem, i don’t think you guys would have been here for so long otherwise! i think it’s more people outside the site, like oh the prizes is low, it’s not worth it, not understanding that we are trying to come together here to use our accumulative power. 

I think option Two is a valid solution for us. the cost to me would be set price hosting which is fine i’m happy to just cover that forever if need be, because it’s nothing over a month, subsidising draws however can become pretty expensive so I’ll stop that. I’m honestly better just taking that money and sticking it into one of my trading bots and gaining a percentage off it each day and holding it into the future as btc so that it becomes worth much more and increases my power in future to be able to do better things with the site and other projects. i mean many people have said, if you had bigger prizes, better prizes, people would flock to the site, we’d get the numbers.. I totally agree with this, but im totally not willing to put any of my holdings on the line to find out, which is what it would take. I mean, we’re kinda, maybe coming out of the bear market, value is down across the board. It’s a great time to be accumulating, but not such a good time to be releasing value from holdings at all. 

I hope you guys also hold some btc and other coins apart from Electroneum? In my opinion, everyone should be holding some btc at a minimum along with what ever other coins interest you!

Right, well, this turned out to be quite good in terms of addressing quite a few problems, gauging the support for changes versus nothing at all and at the end of the month we’ll start with the new system and see how it goes, i think, see, i’m an electroneum community member exactly the same as all of you guys, and i think, if there was a site available that i could pop on each day and have a chance to win the equivalent of a cloud mining payout for free, I think that i’d pop by everyday and put my name forward because why not! We’ll give this try, i’m happy with it, thanks guys! 

I think, from looking at the withdrawal requests i have maybe one or two to put out then we’re up to date! 

Cheers, Chris!


4 thoughts on “Decision Two it is!”

  1. I am do happy you carry on !!!
    We can not give up because we are at the beginning of all this ;not the end.
    This is the best news of the day.Thanks you so much for your inspiration and exemple for the whole etn community. We must grow our etn network every day and that is what we are going.

  2. I m curious to know that how do you write so long post😅 leaving the funny part i m glad that everything probably is going fine and on track i guess..happy with your decision. Of cource you will think of growing and profit of site and site users. Kudos to everyone out there😊 god bless you!

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