Draw Error – 22/01/2019

Hi Everyone, 

Here we go again, the draws have experienced an error. What seems to have happened is that yesterday’s draw has taken place but for some reason it’s drawn draw number 17 twice both on 21/01/2019. I have no idea why it’s decided to draw that draw twice on the same night. It’s paid out the first draw 17 but has failed to pay out the duplicate draw which will now be tonight’s winners. I will have to manually adjust those balances and I’ll do this tomorrow morning. 

I’ll now have to reset the draws, so tonight’s winners were actually drawn last night if that makes sense. I’ll be looking into making sure everyone has received what they should from both draws. I’ll also try my best to find out what has caused this error and try to stop these kind of things happening. It’s incredibly frustrating and I do apologise to everyone. 

Draws will open tomorrow afternoon possibly before midday, I do have an appointment tomorrow morning that I must keep and it’s 00:20 here and I need to be up really early otherwise I’d be resetting them now. So small delay on the draws opening today, winnings will be manually awarded and draws will be reset and we will push forward! 

Just a quick a note, I need to ask everyone using the test android app to delete it from their phone and stop using it. This is due to advertising policy and me having implemented the ad’s in an incorrect way. It’s very important that everyone deletes the app and doesn’t use it until I release a new version with amendments as I’ve had to remove advertising from mobile completely to ensure we don’t put the whole site at risk of breaching any guidelines. I found this out the day after I purchased a publisher account for the play store! I’ll be working on a version that meets play store and guidelines very soon. 

I hope you’re all well, Can’t believe this bloody draw system has glitched again. I’ll do my best to get it sorted out as soon as I’m back home tomorrow. 

Thanks, Chris.

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