FIAT/ETN is back! Thinking about unverified draws, wheel etc

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy day and I’ve now managed to get out fiat to etn service back in action and much improved on the fee’s front although you know we still have PayPal fee’s for those outside the UK, we’ve managed to bring a cheaper paypal service by saving on coinbase fee’s. So overall it’s better all round for both payment options. Of course if you’re in the UK you may have hear of coinmate or indacoin who charge £0.07 and £0.18 on every pound respectively. We offer the exact same service through faster payments, for only £0.04 on every pound. Depending on how much Electroneum you’re buying, that can be quite a saving! That’s more Electroneum in your wallet!  I think our minimum will be set at £20 although if folk really want the option to buy £10 it will remain, 

For our worldwide friends, I’m exploring the options to bring you the cheapest fee’s that I possibly can and I’ll add more payment options once I work that out. It may be SEPA payments or something similar I’m also looking at skrill, coinbase and another number of payment gateways. Larger purchase will be available for faster payments customers although kyc will be required for transactions above a certain amount, I’ve set that at £150 for now. Obviously, kyc is easy with the Yoti integration in place, as simple as scanning a code. It’s likely that if you’re buying larger amounts you will have Yoti already! 

Bittube stream is back, yes, I’ll be adding a longer video for those who have trouble streaming. You guys know how the bittube stream works, watch for as long as you can and I share my revenue here on the site with you. With the addition of the exchange on the site, I’m looking at the possibility of having the ability to exchange the tube for etn. I’ll have to look at how that would affect us in terms of staying on the right side of the law. From what I have understood, we’re ok selling Electroneum as we are at the moment and the fact we can aml/kyc is a massive advantage. 

So it’s there if you want to use it and I’d recommend UK users using similiar services take advantage of this service!

I’m really considering trying to do two levels of draws, verified draws/activites at the current emmission rate and unverified draws with a payout that matches the mobile miner. I feel that if we allow unverified users to have a play and come to trust that the site is legit and we don’t have verification for some bad purpose that they may become verified users in future. We see a lot of people join up but still don’t like verification. I’ll be thinking this over, any suggestions are appreciated!

Think that’s it guys! 


Cheers, Chris.

4 thoughts on “FIAT/ETN is back! Thinking about unverified draws, wheel etc”

  1. UPDATE:
    Used this service this morning. Eveything was quick and easy, ETN in my wallet in minutes, and having Chris at the end of a live chat gave peace of mind and made the whole experience more personal, confirming payments sent/received quickly and hassle free!
    Great job Chris!

  2. This is awesome Chris! Really been looking forward to the buying service, hopefully this can bring some more users and members to the site as your fees make this a cheap easy option for people looking to buy ETN.
    I think you know the best way for the site in regards to managing members and draws, if your idea increases members, verification and activity then go for it!
    Great work fella! Thanks!

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