Games return and quick update

Hello everyone! 

Firstly, let me say thank you to everyone who has shown their support to the site in the last couple of days, i’m very grateful for your effort! I’d also like to say hello to our new users who have joined up! I hope you have a great time collecting free electroneum. 

So, after quite a lot of feedback regarding the games, with people asking if we can even keep games with no prizes, I’ve decided to bring back the games, but to make a slight change to how they will work. I’ve decided firstly that they will run on a monthly basis and the revenue they generated will then be split between the top 50 players on the leaderboard. This should make it a bit more worthwhile for everyone to play, whilst allowing the revenue to build up over the month and be paid out once we know how much they have generated. i think this is a good decision because it keeps some of the features we lost whilst making it more sustainable. 

In terms of the fortune wheel, I’ll look at re implementing it in future in a different format. the problem with the fortune wheel was not revenue, it was simply causing too much strain on the server and causing performance issues that were affecting all portions of the site and we can’t have that. Scratchcards will return in future but I’ll have to look at how I’m going to implement those because after looking at the format, i thought it was pretty crappy in terms of being a “good service”. 

In light of removing the fortune wheel and changing the games, i’m going to put the lottery named draw slots up to 10 etn per slot. Coming soon will be a much improved chat system, a much improved badge system and the android app for testing. The app is actually completely finished and has been for some time now. the delay is due to a problem with admob, the advertising network for android apps. I’ll be needing 10 testers, so feel free to put your name forward and I’ll get in touch with you. 

That’s about all for now folks! 

Cheers, Chris.

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  1. Great to see your positive vibe back again Chris! I’d be happy to test out the app for you if you need help. Good to see new members joining too, hope they all enjoy the site as much as some of the regulars!

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