If you’ve never heard of electroneum before, you will need to open an account either through the electroneum website or through the mobile app!

Once you have your account set up, if you have the mobile app you will be able to join in mobile earning with earnings up to $3 a month. The mobile app also includes your wallet, which you will need to receive any winnings from us!

There is a referral program for the mobile app, which gives you 1% bonus for entering your referrers, referral code and a 5% bonus to the person who referred you. We would like to ask, if we have introduced you to the Electroneum app, that you use our code as your referrer. We will share our referral bonus with the prize pools to give an little extra every month!

Below you can find out how to get the app, and how to use us as our referrer. Click on the google play store image to visit the playstore and download the app free. You can simply scan the QR Code to add us as your referrer!