Verify, Play, Win!

Help to keep our draws fair! We ask our users to verify to ensure one account to one person! That way everyone has a fair chance of winning! Complete verification today and start winning Electroneum Cryptocurrency completely free!

free electroneum lottery
We want to provide the safest and most convenient way for our users to verify they’re a real individual, that’s why we’ve chosen to integrate Yoti for our verification system. You can find out more about the security benefits that Yoti offers here Don’t have Yoti yet? As part of Electroneum’s KYC process, certain accounts must hold Yoti KYC at tier Two. Not all users need level Two, but you can still sign up to Yoti and create your digital identity! You can get started with yoti here

Can't get Yoti?

We know that some regions, some handsets and some people can’t get access to Yoti just yet. 

If you’re in this situation, you can use our in house photo verification to verify your account. Simply take a selfie of yourself holding a piece of paper in the picture with the words ETN CENTRAL and your free etn central user name. 

Click the button to the below, upload your selfie and we’ll verify your account and delete the picture you sent us.

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