Quick chat about TheUnlimitedFund and new withdrawal feature!

Hello everyone! 

Just a quick chat about the unlimited fund today and some other improvements. So with the unlimited fund, I’d like to enter the Unlimited fund account into the draws each day so that it helps the fund to grow along with donations. I think it could be a really important thing for the site in acheiving what we actually set out to do, which was get etn into the hands of those that couldn’t get it any other way, help those who don’t have the financial means to grow their balance and put etn into the hands of those folk on the ground who will really be the make or break of Electroneum. The more attractive we make Electroneum to these users, the better the chance we have of seeing those gains that everyone wants to see down the road. 

It’s all very well to be collecting up as many coins as we can, but I think it’s better to also be having a real impact to help the growth in the first stages in these area’s. Together we can help to make an input towards making our investment dream come true. We can help these people, who are finally being given the chance to join the digital economy by giving them that little bit extra financial support. We should always ask ourselves, what can we do for Electroneum rather than what can we do for ourselves. That thinking also applies to our investment.  So if we stick that account in the draw everyday we will build up a nice fund for exactly that. It’s a unique opportunity for us as worldwide users to make that difference on the ground and we can feel good about that! 

Our little site might not be that popular at the moment, but our intentions and belief in the Electroneum project and team are pure and true. I will be very proud if we can make a difference, however little in these initial area’s.

You’ll see that I’ve now included a withdrawal feature. I’ve added this as it occurred to me that when I was just sending out payments, there’s no warning or chance for you to perhaps say to yourself well, I want to keep some etn for scratchcards. I’m also going to make minnow/shark/whale lotteries for you to play with so I know some folk will appreciate the ability to request an amount and keep aside what they need. Threshold is still 100 ETN. 

Let me know what you think, your feedback is important. 

Thanks, Chris.

8 thoughts on “Quick chat about TheUnlimitedFund and new withdrawal feature!”

  1. Thanks, it will be good job. But, i say for lottery. The biggest reward about 2500 etn, this day etn= $0,006226 USD and as result only $15. I think , you must be put more big rewards for promote the site. I think, maybe 2-3x iphone x. Because, iphone x like a magic. People are really interested.If you did, success atsocial media. Rising of ETN will be good everybody here.

  2. Withdrawal feature works for me as well, great improvement on the site.. Its just a matter of time before soaring in Alexa rankings.. I also love the idea of donating to the unlimited fund.. Great work man 🙂 luv ya

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