Scratchcards now available, more ways to gain activity points.

Hello everyone! 

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the weekend! I’ve just set live the new minnow and shark scratchcards. You can access these through a tile on the homepage, as well as a link in the menu. I’ve set a daily limit on scratchcard purchases to ensure no one can over excited. I’m looking for the scratchcard feature to be a fun and exciting addition to the site rather than something which is there to gain the site revenue. That would be pointless.

The site takes around 100 etn from the whole set of cards which means that for the minnow card set 1115.50 is paid out in prizes with the site taking 100 etn. It’s not revenue generating for the site but rather provides a service to the users who may like to play to win larger prizes with their free etn. I feel the value the site will gain from this is more in terms of providing a nice service and atmosphere for the users.  I’m not that keen on allowing people to buy etn to play these games. It’s one thing to use some of your free etn points to have some fun and excitement but for me, to encourage people to purchase etn and then use that to play cards are take a cut of each set is not really somewhere I want to go. I feel, in my conscious that this would be immoral on my part to profit from others financial losses. 

So, I’m strongly of the belief that this should be free etn points used only. I don’t know if you guys will have different idea’s or if I’m being over the top but that’s where I’m at at the moment. 

The activity points situation I must apologize for. Things got really busy and there was a lot going on. I’ve now finally got the activity points earning methods up and running. I will be reducing the page view reward for activity points and making some minor adjustments to how many are paid out, but don’t worry there will be ways that you can earn more than enough to keep you satisfied! You will now be able to enter a daily draw for activity points, play scratchcards for activity points and watch videos of me going on and on lol That’s alongside the current methods such as commenting, viewing posts, liking activity etc. 

I’ll be looking in the coming weeks to enhance what activity points can be used for, rather than just the wheel! 

I have to go offline for a few hours now to deal with real life stuff but I’ll be sending all payments out this afternoon at some point! 

Thanks, Chris.

6 thoughts on “Scratchcards now available, more ways to gain activity points.”

  1. Okay. That’s great.
    Nice to see the live stream up again. I always leave a tab running on the stream whenever i’m on my computer.
    You should look into slightly increasing the rewards though 😀 you can also reduce em when the price of etn increases soon enough.
    Many thanks!

  2. I must say you’re doing a great job. Keep it up and in a no distant future, the site should be generating much more revenue for us all 😀
    My opinion on the donation, could we have a qr code for some of us who’ll love to donate more from our etn wallets or is it strictly from our free etn on the site.
    Any update on your mobile app?

    1. Cheers Stev, I can certainly set up a QR code to allow users to donate whatever amount they like! Great idea and just the spirit we want to see!

      The app is kinda put aside at the moment but I will be working toward that soon. I’ve also restarted the bittube stream!

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