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Hi everyone,

The last week has been quite turbulent in terms of site performance with a lot of timing out and heavy resource usage on the server. There’s a few reasons why that was happening, the main culprit being the fortune wheel. It’s been quite a popular edition to the site but at the same time has caused problems. Knowing that there are many of you who clearly love playing the wheel it worries me that it may have to be disabled if it continues to cause so many problems. 

Over the last 24 hours you’ll have noticed some changes to the site, mainly the member section and profile have been stripped back to the bare minimum. There have also been changes to the login and registration with a captcha added to ward of brute force attacks.  Some other back-end stuff has been disabled also with a few to minimizing the load on the server, so that hopefully we can keep the wheel. I’m also going to make quite a big change to the site in terms of verification. As a lot of you will notice the user number keeps dropping because people join up, get excited to take part and then realize they need to verify and disappear forever. Yoti has brought in a few people, 26 to be exact but we’ve lost out on gaining a hell of a lot of users due to verification. I think it’s time to accept that verification is going to eventually kill the site. So I’ve been thinking about this very carefully. I’m almost ready to release the android app onto the google play store and if we leave things as they stand with verification we’re going to lose one of the best chances we will have to grow. 

So, sometime ago i looked at ip scoring and it worked but I wasn’t happy with the cost – $50 a month. We ended back on the photo verification and shortly after yoti. I really thought YOTI would be perfect, and it is in a way. The main problem is that a large portion of people can’t get a yoti. I also have to pay for Yoti. So I’m thinking, let take down the hard wall and use a softer kinda custom check. Let users join up, pay for the service of IP scoring and device fingerprinting and let that automatically flag users that are attempting to duplicate account cheat. That way we remove the horrible verification requirement but still keep on top of what’s what and who’s who’s.  Just like before, if the system fails to ensure that there are no duplicate entries, I’ll scrap it and go back to the old way. Keep in mind it’s not advantageous for me to have people creating duplicate accounts either due to the affect it would have on genuine users and on revenue terms. 

So I’ll have to disable YOTI during this trial of the service. If anyone needs account help to reset passwords or anything just pop me a message and I’ll help you. I’m really sorry if you enjoy logging in with YOTI, it’s fast and simple and enjoyable but I’ll need to get it out of the way in terms of freeing up money to pay for the alternative soft touch method. I’ll be disabling Yoti within the next few days. Once the new system  api is implemented into the site and Yoti/verification is disabled I will be releasing the new android app on the play store. This is now a fully completed app, with admob installed rather than adsense. It has push notifications for draw alerts. It’s taken some time to get the app to a point where we can put it on the play store and that will be it, it’ll be available forever. 

Let me know what you guys think? 

Thanks, Chris. 

8 thoughts on “Site maintenance and changes”

  1. I like the app coming back, and this time it’s coming in the play store. I also like YOTI, but if something with fingerprint appears it will be just as good for me, for a quick login as I use my cell phone very much. greetings and all the best. “noroc” as I say.

    1. Not going to happen anytime soon, £100 to register for app store and I’m exhausted money wise, with running costs, server upgrades and subsidizing draws. Perhaps further down the line though!

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