Sorry about downtime, it should provide a more pleasant user experience!

Hi Everyone, 

As you probably noticed, the site was down from about 3 pm today until just after midnight GMT.

Just as I was about to go to bed last night I had some complaints re the scratchcards and a post from aironeous on the community forum talking about how he was experiencing all kinds of performance problems with the site being slow and stuttering and eventually returning http errors. Upon further investigation I realised that we did indeed need some optimaization on the site, however we were facing another issue with hitting bandwith limits on our hosting plan. I worked through the night, eventually going off to sleep at 05:00am and back up at 7:30 for the kids. 

I decided I would upgrade the hosting to provide us the power we need to give all of our users the experience they deserve. Now the hosts upgrade path is just horribly implemented and I couldn’t upgrade the package for some reason. Fair enough I thought, the current server only has a few days left until it needs renewed, I’ll purchase the new server and migrate the site on Wednesday. Well, the hosting folk had other idea’s, they just took it upon themselves to renew the old package, effectively charging me twice! Great I though, you know what, I’m too tired for this I’ll query it tomorrow. So I finish of the best of the optimizations to improve the site speed and around 3 PM this afternoon, out of nowhere, with no warning, the site goes down with a 404 and I’m like oh geez, what is this now lol 

So it turns out that someone at the hosting has just decided to move the domain over on to the platinum package without warning me and pointed the dns away from the old package, so many problems and I’m thinking well it’s ok I have a recent backup, I’ll just restore at the new server but oh no, of course that’s not just going to go how it should because that’s just how life is! 

Well, it’s now 01:19am in the morning the next day and here I am getting the chance to say sorry for the downtime, it wasn’t planned, well, it was planned for Wednesday but there we go. On the plus side, we now have a site that should be running perfectly well, be more enjoyable to use and should be much faster. 

I’m going to bed guys, I’ll do payments first thing tomorrow morning I’m very tired! 

Thanks, Oh yeah, tonights draws we’re paid out!

4 thoughts on “Sorry about downtime, it should provide a more pleasant user experience!”

  1. Can’t access the home page from the main menu, get an error page.
    Is the chat feature no longer available? As you know i like to have a dialogue open when using the exchange, just in case and to inform you that payment has been sent, can i just use the exchange without a dialogue, just load up, send payment?
    Love the scratch cards and the twitter feed down the side, nice additions. Keep it up mate!

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