Stripping site back to lottery only.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been doing some thinking about the site over the weekend and looking at the statistics and revenue across the site and I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst fortune wheels and games etc may be fun and exciting additions to the site, it’s becoming clear that we don’t have enough traffic to run them and make them beneficial to the bigger picture. I’m left asking myself have I just brought these great idea’s a little too early?

I really think the best thing at the moment would be to strip out all the new added features and focus solely on being free lottery draws, with the intent to bring back these features should the site become more popular in future. I don’t know, I’m looking at the site and I’m thinking it’s not working. It works, but we’re not going anywhere really and it takes a lot of my time and I have to weigh up the situation and say is this worthwhile. Looking properly at the situation, we have a lot of dormant accounts, we’ve not really grown and it’s becoming obvious that it’s not a service the wider Electroneum community wants to support otherwise we would be bustling with people! 

I do however realize that you guys do you enjoy the site and appreciate it being here, so I feel, If I go back to what the initial service was, free draws, free etn, basic and simple that it will make continuing to run the site more palatable to me, and still give those who like the site the chance to win free Electroneum. I guess this is a step backwards, but it’s going to be a required one I’m afraid. What I need to remember is that I started this a side project and you know, I’ve got involved in it quite a bit and yeah, in a few months we’re coming up on a year and we are at the same level of usage so that should tell me something… 

I mean, the other option is to pay out all balances and be done with the site. Look at it like, we had a nice time, we tried but failed. But one thing is for certain, if I don’t remove all these features, we’ll eventually sink anyway so.. there we go! That’s where we’re at right now. 

Not the greatest news post, but hey ho, on we go, we’ll see how it goes, it needs to be done! 

Cheers, Chris.


13 thoughts on “Stripping site back to lottery only.”

  1. For sure whatever decision you make is the right one. You have put a monumental effort into this so you need to see the perspectives and the workload in relation.

    For sure it’s a question of advertising And spreading the site. But then holding to users afterwarfs is a different matter. And that may mainly be for people with retirement interest in Electroneum.

    If you feel for throwing in the towel dont be afraid to do so…we will all be fine 🙂 it needs to be worthwhile for you… Also at the personale plan.

  2. i like what you’ve done with the homepage, maybe some more Electroneum logos and banners on all the pages might make it a little more eye catching, how about an Electroneum colour scheme for the whole site?

  3. I agree with @cryptomanu, maybe try the FB route, the community group has a large following on FB but didn’t want to share my post about the site. Maybe try and push your own FB page some more, we will support, leave site user comments and can post links to the site and FB page more. I will make an effort to leave a comment and link on Electroneum Youtube videos i view. We are all with you Chris! If you have other ideas how we can help let us know, i’m sure a concerted effort by us all could help more.

    1. Hi Nik, well I’d appreciate that a lot and it’s something I’ll need to have a look at to see if people can become somewhat of an army in a sense that they join those social channels and leave comments/reviews etc. I’ve actually just come over from reddit, where cryptomanu has been downvoted into oblivion for making a post saying you can buy etn at That was followed by a reply that read along the lines of “that site is totally fake”. So we have the problem I was just describing days ago which is it’s too true to be true, it must be a scam. So I think what you’re saying is right, we need to get users to go to places like reddit and say actually, I’ve used the service on multiple occasions and it’s totally legit or I’ve won x amount of free electroneum and never paid a penny to do that. Because I’m getting reviews ready to put on the site, but they will carry more weight if they are placed out with the site. I genuinely appreciate how willing you all are to support the site 🙂

      1. I mainly use FB ,YouTube and Instagram so I’ll start making an effort to post on those, if any other members spot any of my posts or comments, hit like and leave a favourable reply, vouching for each others posts will add a bit of clout and legitimacy.
        Here’s my little promo blurb
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        For a chance to add to your mobile miner rewards with FREE daily raffle and lottery style draws. Simple join and register, enter daily draws, interact with other members, post ETN news.
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  4. What ever you decide sounds good. Perhaps, you may want to leave the pinball and other game on just for fun if it doesnt cost you anything. as when I’m waiting for something it’s quite nice to have a play. And all most got my partner on to the pin ball game. Is there
    away people can play these games without signing in? but still put the ads on so you get the advertising revenue. Just a thought, but I’ll always be here as my cell phone no longer supports the electroneum app, so this is my only way to get etn for the now

  5. Perhaps more advertising is needed.
    I like the site, and the fact that I gain some ETN from it is even better.
    I know how much work and how much dedication you put from the beginning, and closing the site is not an option that really lies in your mind.
    As I said, maybe we need to make the site more familiar, on socializing networks, chatting, everywhere. I know that then there will be problems with fake users, crunchies …. then the selection comes in, but surely there are many who would like to join, but they have not yet heard of us.
    Of course chats should remain functional, and eventually create discussion themes where everybody has to comment on something daily about the subject, so I think there will be links between the users. Maybe you can choose someone to handle chatting and daily themes.
    I know, we’re all here first to add some coins to the wallet, but if we manage to build a closer relationship between us, it can help.
    So I think you should be focusing on this now, media coverage and chat.
    Perhaps other users can think about what they think is more useful at the moment for the site, and so, with more ideas, we can find the way. By helping you, we help ourselves.
    Maybe I talked too much, I apologize. Success….

    1. Hi Cryptomanu, You did not talk to much 🙂 I think what you’re saying is absolutely correct so I’m going to work on that getting social sharing implemented and perhaps some facebook stuff etc. I want to thank you for posting over in reddit in that thread and apologize that you’ve been downvoted 8 times to the point your post has been hidden. You’ve uncovered something very important though and that’s something I’ll be looking to fix asap as it’s probably the main reason we’re not growing.

      1. Yes, I saw the result on reddit but I’m not very active there and I did not have time to reply to that comment. 🙁 Anyway, a kick in the ass, a step forward. We learn, learn …

  6. i understand and what ever decision you take im in, and if i can do somethin to help this project grow i will….sometimes you gotta make a step back but thats ok….we will get back stronger in a near future. keep the faith.

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