Update for 10/02/2019

Hello Everyone!

Feeling a bit better today, so I’ll be back around the site and opening up the fiat to etn/live chat. It’s typical that just when I don’t need to be away from the site something goes pear shaped! 

So, here something I’ve been thinking about whilst I’ve been away. I’ve come back on this morning and we have lots of new accounts signed up but not verified. I know there’s a lot of folk that can’t get a Yoti account or pass certain parts of the requirements. Obviously that leaves users without Yoti with photo verification which has a poor sign up rate. From my point of view, I can understand why people are reluctant to upload a picture of themselves. 

We’re in the crypto scene, scams and bad actors are everywhere. it’s something I’ve never stopped going on about to you guys in the hope of helping you to protect yourselves. I think for users it goes something like this, oh free etn, oh great, I’d love some free etn, what’s this, they want my picture? Oh, I don’t like this, why do they want my picture? Aww no, to hell with this, I’m no giving them a picture of myself. Whats that all about, what if they try to pretend to be me and I end up getting scammed, no thanks .  

I totally understand that and it’s the bain of this site that we have to have the, horrible photo verification.  We can’t ever take away verification, it actually is a major benefit to us in a lot of ways.For example, how enjoyable would it be to come and enter the draws, only for someone else to be operating multiple accounts and multiple winning slots everyday. I know this would be the case and it would be rampant. 

Then we have the very important factor of the fact real people generate revenue and folk on multiple accounts don’t. They are mostly considered as “bad traffic! In terms of being behind vpns or operating from one IP address. It’s also more valuable that we have a strict policy to confirm real members in terms of having a legitimate and real person behind every account. 

So.. what to do?

It’s a problem that needs fixing because we are losing out on new members everyday and those people are missing out on the free etn they obviously wanted. Once we get people through the door and playing, they generally stay playing. Most of the time the feedback on the site is very positive and I think people really like the site and enjoy using it. We just have that barrier that’s stopping them from joining and us from growing.

For example, we have 99,792 people mining Electroneum. I think the current rate of emission from the mobile miner is 5 a day. You have a chance here to win 14 ETN, 3 times within 24 hours and from 1 – 2000 etn within lucky balls.  I imagine that at minimum another 1000 of those mobile miners would or should be looking to participate in this site. We should be over 1000 users if it wasn’t for photo verification. 

I think, for unverified users, we should have a double your mobile miner 24 hour payout draw, but we’ll call it something else because that is a mouthful and these painkillers are strong and my heads a bit blurry right now! If we set up these draws for unverified members and I keep an eye out for any abuse, we should be able to let them participate, earn some etn and more importantly use the site and take part and have a chance to experience playing. Hopefully, they will then in time, when they can, verify to gain access to the higher value draws. 

I’ll try to get that implemented and we’ll see if it helps. There’s also a special one off event coming so look out for that! 

Payments will be coming out now. 

Thanks, Chris.


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  1. I guess that as long as the delta in ETN to win is large enough been verified and non verified users, ypur approach makes sense. Then new users can get familiar with the site and win a small amount of ETN, but there’s still a drive to get verified and go for the bigger wins.

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